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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  June 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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today, police are investigating a deadly wreck on a philadelphia road that left this car mangled. what we're learning about how this happened. it's another day in the dark for thousands of people in our area. how crews aring right now to get the power going again. and a little foggy out there now this morning. but we should dry out as the day goes on. the sun is expected to return as we begin a warmup. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. we say good morning to first alert meteorologist brittney shipp in the weather center. tough to see the top of the buildings out there now. >> yeah. it's a foggy start for most of the area. seeing a bit of light rainfall, it's nothing combed to yesterday. though the roads are still slick so take it easy if you plan on leaving early. there's a foggy start there in cape may. you can see most of that system that brought us the heavy rainfall is pulling out to the northeast. if we zoom in we can show you
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where the little lingering showers are. mainly near levittown, stretching back to lower makefield, if i zoom out of the picture, we'll show you where the other batch, to the south of pemberton, southampton, leisure town. everywhere else with the exception of this one batch here near cape may, starting see drying conditions. avalon seeing a bit of light rainfall. same thing in sea isle city. over the next eight hours, we will see things dry up. the sun coming back to us. 76 by noon. by 3:00 p.m. 79. today's highs between 78 and 81. ted? >> all right. thank you. the heavy rain last night caused water levels to rise along several creeks and streams in delaware. this was the scene along the muddy run creek near newark new castle county. the storms caused damage across the region. heavy rain brought down this tree on spring mill road in villanova.
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all that rain yesterday and last night left these roads flooded in hammonton. police blocked the entrance to parts of packard street and bellevue avenue as water came up over the curbs. puddles on the roads in atlantic and gloucester counties forced road closures. power crews worked through the rain to help get the lights back on to thousands of people who have been in the dark since tuesday. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in storms for 10. he's surveying damage in hard hit gloucester county. jesse? >> we're in greenwich township on harmony road as we make our way over to some damage we saw a second ago headed now over to east broad street and harmony. now we're making a left on to east broad. clear? yeah. waiting for one vehicle to come by. and i'll put that on the front camera. you can get a better look at what we're looking at. we've been seeing pockets of areas where there's a lot of damage. some areas where not -- you
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don't see much. people have service. it is sporadic. we want to show you one spot where it looks like damage is covering a building. how far is that john? one minute. well, give us another 30 seconds, john marcucci the photographer piloting storm force 10 for us. we walked to one of the repair crews that were out here. they were giving us some other locations where, you know the storm damage is still pretty severe. i will try and tell you where those areas are just in case you know someone who is in those areas. give me one second here. this is in the town of mikelton.
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the 400 block of rattling run. the 100 block of wofford. the 100 block of wofforton station road. these are all areas where they say there's a lot of damage. now we're making a right turn on to or kid. and this is some of the damage we wanted to show you where it looks like these trees have just come down. power lines are down here as well. trees and debris has completely covered at least one half of this house. severe roof damage as well. this is just off broad street in greenwich township, gloucester county. we'll continue driving around, show you more. make way to some other areas in mikelton and have that for you at 7:30 hopefully. live in storm force 10 jesse gary. crews are slowly restoring
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electricity to communities throughout our region. nbc 10 was in delaware county yesterday where neighbor's on mulberry street watched crews restore new power lines. >> people came out and were cheering when i saw them. >> hope i have my lights back on. that's all i want. >> some families have been trucking in gasoline to power generators. >> here are the latest power out stage numbers. atlantic city electric is working to restore power to 29,000 customers. that's an increase from the last time we checked at 6:30. the majority of them are in gloucester county, more than 20,000 customers. pse&g still has close to 1,200 outages. peco reports 2,300 customers without power. delmarva reports about 500 lingering outages. new from overnight, a car accident in southwest philadelphia killed a man and sent two other people to the hospital. nbc 10 on the scene on island avenue at lindbergh boulevard. police investigating the accident tell us the car veered off the street and on to trolley
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tracks. the man who died was a passenger. we are working to find out the conditions of the driver and another passenger who were hurt. in camden county a person is dead after a car crashed into a utility pole. nbc 10 was in lindenwold this morning. the accident happened on the white horse pike at united states avenue. we're working to get more details on that. here's from the delaware bureau a driver who survived a crash that killed another driver in north wilmington ran a red light. it happened around 7:00 a.m. yesterday on naamans road. the woman died and two passengers in her car are in the hospital. the driver of the other car, a 70-year-old wilmington man, could face charges pending the outcome of a police investigation. in philadelphia a community is calling for an end to gun violence one week after 11 people were shot at a block party. the men got to step up and be men. you always see the mothers and grandmothers consistently and constantly out there trying to
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save their community. i heard about the little baby getting shot. i heard about shootings in darby. 6th and main. shooting, shooting, shooting. it's not the women doing the shooting. it's the men doing the shooting. young men. they need mentors. >> nbc 10 was in west philadelphia for a peace rally yesterday. the shooting at the party last weekend prompted this outpouring of straight talk and prayer. police are still looking for these two men in connection with that shooting. both are accused of driving up to the party on ogden street last saturday night and opening fire. everyone hurt in the shooting is expected to recover. police believe none of the victims was the intended target. a $10,000 reward has been posted in the case. the 11th annual tri rock triathlon is in full swing at fairmount park. it started at 6:30 this morning.
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it's an olympic style race involving a one-mile swim in the schuylkill river, a bike challenge and a six-mile run. money raise willed go to the children's hospital of philadelphia and pediatric cancer research. also today, other athletes will be taking part in the challenge atlantic city triathlon. that race begins at 8:00 at bader field. participants will compete in a 140-mile race involving a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run. 7:08. a college party in the lehigh valley got a little out of hand but only after a bear showed up. we'll tell you how officials handled the situation and how they believe the 300-pound animal made it to bethlehem. plus hundreds of golfers are in montgomery county getting ready to take their shot at making it to the fga championships.
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our rainy weekend weather forced changes to the tall ships festival at penn's landing. last night's army band concert was canceled. the fireworks also washed out but will be held tonight at 9:30. some of these showers just don't want to leave our area. i'm tracking another round moving through. most of the region is dry with the exception of those few, patchy lingering showers. a live look at citizens bank park. phillies have a doubleheader today. you can see the roads are still wet. you want to take it easy when driving around.
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heading into the afternoon, thing also get better. radar shows us we are still dealing with light to moderate downpours moving through the cape may county region. everywhere else we're drying out. 54 in mount pocono. 53 in allentown. 66 in philadelphia. actually the shore is the warm spot on the map this morning. temperatures at 73 in atlantic city and in wildwood. today temperatures range between 78 and 81. breezy conditions by the afternoon with wind speeds out of the southwest, 15 to 25 miles per hour. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. happening today, the pga professional national championship tees off in whitemarsh montgomery county. the historic philadelphia cricket club will host the event through wednesday. more than 300 regional golfers from home and across the country are competing. the top 20 finishers will earn spots in the pga championship later this summer.
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shots fired at a gay pride festival. we'll show you the chaotic scene following the fire and what set off the violence. and flag fight, the legal issues a woman is facing after climbing a pole at the south carolina state house and removing the confederate flag.
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new this morning, police in san francisco are investigating a shooting that left a man wounded at a gay pride parade.
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police detained several people after someone fired shots following an argument. one man was hit in the arm and is in stable condition. it happened during a two-day gay pride festival which took on new meaning this year following the supreme court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the u.s. escaped prison inmate david sweat is still on the run in new york. more than 1,000 officers are searching thick woods about 30 miles from the prison from where sweat and his accomplice escaped three weeks ago. police are warning people in the area to stay alert, believing sweat could be even more desperate now that he's alone. we have new information on richard matt. he wednesday swore if he ever escaped from prison he wouldn't be captured alive. that word from the lawyer who prosecuted matt's murder case in 2008. the attorney said prison snitches revealed the killer's pledge. another funeral will be held today in charleston south carolina for one of the nine
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victims of the church massacre there. she led the bible study to which the alleged killer was invited to join. funeral services were held yesterday at emanuel ame for cynthia herd and two others who were killed. police arrested the suspect, dylann roof who is facing murder charges in what is being investigated as a possible hate crime. a woman arrested for taking down the confederate flag on state house grounds in south carolina is now out on bail. britney newsome climbed up the 30-foot flagpole and removed the flag. she said she couldn't wait for lawmakers to decide on the issue. she and a companion were charged with defacing a monument. in new orleans hundreds of
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police officers attended a memorial mass yesterday for a fallen comrade. he was killed while driving a suspect to jail last weekend. police arrested his alleged killer the next day. officer holloway was a 22-year veteran of the place force. we have this new video in from overseas. this is a leopard captured after it caused a panic in a village in india. the big cat had been wandering around for a week going into houses eating dogs and chick s and even hurting a woman. members of an indian tiger reserve team caught the animal and took it away. speaking of animals, a visitor left partygoers barely breathing. the reason? this 300-pound black bear that wandered into a college party near lehigh university early yesterday morning. it scared people but it didn't hurt anyone.
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police say they tranquilized the bear and removed it from the area. wildlife officials say a tattoo on the animal indicates it came from new jersey and probably swam across the delaware river to find food or perhaps a new home. >> good morning. as we head into the second half of the weekend, things are iming. just a few lingering morning showers. we'll start to clear things up as we head into the rest of the afternoon. even a bit more sunshine. right now for philadelphia we're at 66 degrees. wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. feels sticky outside. pots towne, 61 degrees. mid 60s for philadelphia with a mix of sun and clouds. we're pretty much done with the rain for philadelphia. places like cape may seeing rainfall areas of fog for other areas throughout the region like the poconos. down to two miles of visibility. two miles in allentown two in trenton. a mile and a half in mt. holly.
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six miles in northeast philly. be careful driving. it's not actively raining. still dealing with foggy conditions and wet roads. 54 in the poconos. 59 in allentown. 60 in doylestown. 6 in wilmington. temperatures in mount holly at 66 degrees as well. along the shore, the warmest spot, 71 in avalon. 74 in lewis. radar shot shows most of these showers continue to transition to the northeast. we were seeing a bit of rain near bensalem andry hill. that's since moved away. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we'll see improving conditions for the phillies game. it was a washout yesterday now they have a double header today. our area highs at 68 degrees in the poconos. 77 in allentown. 76 in quakertown. expect temperatures to reach a high of 76 in doylestown. 79 in wilmington. 81 in swedesboro. seven-day forecast shows warming
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temperatures for us. back to the 80s we go after we saw a break yesterday. 88 the high on tuesday. another chance of storms. if you look at friday even another chance of storms for us. temperatures back to the low 80s. up next scary moments in the dugout after a warmup throw nails a star major league baseball player in the head.
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at 7:24. you're looking at a water rescue in central maryland that saved several boaters but not all of them. nine people were riding in a pontoon boat on a lake when the craft was southwest over the dam. one person was killed. some people on board the boat jumped out before it went over
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the spillway. helicopters helped to locate the survivors. some of them were found clinging to rocks. medics took the injured to hospitals. crews are still looking for the boat's captain who is presumed dead. officials in north carolina are reporting another apparent shark attack. this one happened yesterday on the outer banks. a-year-old boy was bitten on his leg, hands and buttocks while swiming about 20 feet off shore. medics treated him on the beach before he was airlifted to a hospital in virginia. if confirmed it would be the seventh reported shark attack off the carolina coast in the last two weeks. new video shows a scary moment for seattle mariners star robinson cano. in between innings during yesterday's game with the angels can know took a baseball right to the head. a bruise swelled up immediately and he had to leave the game. trainers said there were no signs of a concussion. coaches say he should be able to play today. more reing video.
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you're looking at a naked bike ride. yes, naked. at least the portions that we can show you. clothing optional event happened in portland oregon. police gave anyone who might be offended fair warning. the event was part of an international series of naked bike rides to promote positive body awareness. 7:26 right now. thousands of people are waking up once again without power. days after storms ripped through the area. nbc 10's jesse gary is checking on some of the hardest hit areas in storm force 10. jesse? >> we're in gloucester county new jersey trying to look and see how the efforts are going to get peoples lights turned back on. an update after the break. i am tracking warmer temperatures today, plus the chance of just light lingering showers in your morning hours. i'll let you show when you with expect everything to dry out. that's coming up in my full
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. still in the dark. crews across the area are working to restore power to thousands of people who have not had electricity since those storms hit on. we will have an update on the progress. after another round of rain yesterday. the sun is expected to make a return today. a warmup is on the way as well. we'll tell you what it means for the rest of your weekend. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. just about 7:30 this morning. looking behind me finally seeing some blue skies out there. brittney shipp is in the first alert weather center. happy to see it. >> things are starting to clear up as we head into the afternoon and evening, you'll see a mix of
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sun and clouds today. slightly warmer temperatures as well. there's a live look outside. just a few lingering rain drops on the lens. still dealing with wet roads. be careful as you head out. we're seeing a batch of rain moving near cape may has pushed off shore for the most part with the exception of a few light showers in margate and ocean city. everywhere else looks good. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures in the poconos to stay on thor side, and a little chance for the poconos to see light rainfall. for the most part everywhere else we will clear up nicely. expect temperatures to range from 78 to 81. ted? >> drivers had to make their way through ponding and puddles on the roads in delaware last night. nbc 10 along old baltimore pike in newark new castle county. you can see just how hard it was raining. power crews are slowly restoring electricity to communitieses throughout our region.
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nbc 10 in delaware county yesterday where neighbors on mulberry street in upland watched crews install new power lines. this morning thousands of peep in gloucester county are waking up to yet another morning without electricity. nbc 10's jesse gary is in greenwich township. >> we were showing how crews are out but can't be everywhere at once. we're showing you area right now where there are still some problems. let me hop out of storm force 10. this is mantua road and kings highway. there is a police car parked here. just off to my right, just bit off camera there's a sign that says live wire. so there's still live wires down in different areas around the county. so they posted police officers and closed the road to make sure people do not come in contact with those live wires that we've
7:32 am
seen a couple of electrical crews out in differents moving around. one guy told me he's been working since last night, basically a 12 13-hour shift through the overnight trying to restore power. he is still at it he gave us a list of areas where there's still problems. we'll tweet that out and put it on our website. still over 11,000 people in this county who don't have power and this is just one of the problem areas where they have live wires down on the. live in gloucester county jesse gary nbc 10 news. you can see last night's rain flooded roads in hammonton, atlantic county. police blocked the entrance to packard street and bellevue area as water came up over the curve.
7:33 am
puddles on the roads in atlantic and gloucester counties forced road closures in areas hit hard by weather last week. residents say they have had enough. >> stressful. a bit insane trying to make things happen like your normal every day life. >> people without power watched utility crews work through the rain yesterday to restore electricity to neighborhoods still in the dark from last week's severe storms. atlantic city electric is still working to restore electricity to over 31,000 customers. the vast majority ofwhere jesse is in gloucester county. pse&g reports 1,100 customers without power, peco has 2300 people without power. new from overnight, a car accident in southwest philadelphia killed a man and sent two other people to the hospital. nbc 10 on the scene on island avenue at lindbergh boulevard. police investigating the accident tell us the car veered off the street and on to trolley tracks. the person who died was a
7:34 am
passenger. we are working to find out the conditions of the driver and another passenger who were hurt. also new from overnight a person is dead after this car crashed into a utility pole in camden county. nbc 10 was in lindenwold this morning. the accident happened on the white horse pike at united states avenue. we're working to get more details about that accident. a father charged in a deadly crash is asking for leniency. police say he allowed his underage daughter to drive his car in which three bucks county teenagers were killed. michael ware of scarsdale, new york is charged with involuntary manslaughter and other offenses stemming from that crash last september. he is asking to have the most serious charges dropped. the court hearing is set for tuesday. authorities say ware's 15-year-old daughter was driving his suv in the poconos when it overturned killing the three victims who were students at council rock south high school. also in bucks county a man
7:35 am
is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl. eric joseph derr is accused of attacking the child. it's not clear when the crime happened or how old the girl is now. derr is expected to appear in court mid-july. pennsylvania's fiscal year ends on wednesday. so that means the clock is ticking for state lawmakers to pass a new budget. a $30 billion budget bill is headed to the state senate. the house controlled by republicans approved the plan yesterday but governor wolf, a democrat, called the bill "smoke and mirrors." wolf said he will veto it if it does not meet priorities. the nation's largest independence day celebration, the wawa welcome america festival continues in philadelphia. today neighbors in port richmond are celebrating community day with an afternoon of music and activities. yesterday the diva dolls and company performed at shops of liberty place it was part of welcome america's family day.
7:36 am
families enjoyed activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first reading of "alice in wonderland." they also let creativity shine with arts and crafts projects. for a look at full lineup of events for welcome america, go to the nbc 10 news app. it's a free download for your smartphone or tablet. up next hundreds of people are hurt at a water park fire in taiwan. how rescue workers jumped into action to help the injured escape the terrifying scenes. why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this.
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the sights and sounds of a terrifying scene in taiwan. something exploded into flames on a music stage at a water park. the fire quickly spread into a crowd of spectators. officials say nearly 500 people were hurt. dozens have serious injuries. rescue workers and bystanders carried the injured out on inflatable boats and stretchers. it's not clear what started the explosion. hundreds of people held a demonstration against extremism in the tunisian seaside resort
7:40 am
of sousse last night. the protest happened one day after a gunman opened fire on a beach in the popular resort killing 38 people. demonstrators held flags, chanted slogans and lit candles outside the hotel where police killed the gunman to end the rampage. new information this morning about the terror attack in france. investigators say the top suspects took a selfie with the murdered victim he allegedly beheaded and sent the image to at least one person. french officials are trying to identify that person who received the gruesome picture. those officials would not confirm some media reports that it was sent to someone in syria. on friday, police said that the suspect crashed a truck into a u.s. owned chemical warehouse and hung his employer's severed head on a factory gate. police arrested him and his wife. new information this morning on the financial crisis in greece.
7:41 am
eurozone ministers rejected a greek request to extend its bailout program past tuesday. yesterday the greek parliament approved holding a referendum on jewel 5th on reforms demanded by its eurozone creditors. greece has to pay become 1ack 1.6 billion euros, close to $2 billion by tuesday. without a bailout extension greek banks are in danger of collapse. they were rocking in the rain in essington, delaware county yesterday afternoon for a good cause. this cause helps locallies with children with life threatening illnesses and shriners hospital. this year's beneficiary is kiana har.ris harris. the 4-year-old has neuroblastoma. temperatures today will be warmer than what we saw yesterday, pushing back into the
7:42 am
80s. that's just the being of a warming trend that will send us close to 90 degrees. lingering a.m. showers just moving out. we'll clear out nicely as we head into today and more sunshine for us as well a look outside now, you can slowly start to see the clouds breaking up. the rain is continuing to push off to the northeast. at 66 degrees in philadelphia. 67% humidity. georgetown at 70 degrees. philadelphia in the mid 60s. heading into the afternoon, we will push close to 80 degrees. that's a nice change. areas of fog for the poconos, down to two miles there. two miles of visibility for mount pocono. clear visibility in philadelphia. 54 degrees in the poconos. chilly start to the morning. 59 in quakertown. mid 60s for washington township. 65 for philly. 65 for trenton. 73 in woodbine, 72 in lewis.
7:43 am
our radar shot shows most of the showers out of the area with the exception to the north of atlantic city. a few light lingering showers. 68 the high in poconos. 77 in allentown. 76 in quakertown. 79 in trenton. 80 in mt. poly. atlantic city, cape may,s around 806789 same thing for philadelphia. we have an even spread with our temperatures as we go into the rest of today. seven-day forecast shows temperatures close to 80 today. low 80s by monday. tuesday, close to 90. if you look at the rest of the week, we pretty much stay close to average and track another chance of storms by friday. from our delaware bureau frontier airlines has it official. it is leaving new castle airport. the company spokesperson said frontier ended service because it was not possible. no flights had to be canceled after the announcement because frontier already suspended flights out of the airport in april.
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there are just five days left to apply for your chance to win free money. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to non-profit organizations. the goal is to support non-profits implementing new and innovative programs. our application is on our website, the deadline to apply is 3rd. 7:44 right now. up next "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us with a preview of this morning's show. we are talking about the historic supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. how it plays into next year's presidential election.
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7:47. we're 2 1/2 hours until the scheduled launch of the next spacex mission. the spacex falcon 9 rocket is set to blast off from cape canaveral at 10:21 this morning. it's an unmanned mission
7:48 am
carrying supplies to the international space station. this is video of an earlier spacex launch. nasa predicts a 90% chance of good weather for liftoff. new jersey governor chris christie has a new presidential cane website up and running just days before he officially jumps into the race christie is expected to announce his candidacy on tuesday in his hometown of livingston, essex county. it's also expected christie will visit new hampshire as part of his campaign rollout. christie was once seen as a leading contender for the republican nomination, but political observers say low polling numbers in new jersey are taking a toll on his national popularity. gop white house candidate ted cruz says in his new book that his father asked to fight alongside fidel castro. cruz said his dad was a cuban revolutionary in the 1950s. he said raphael cruz wanted to
7:49 am
join castro but instead traveled to texas and later renounced fidel castro when he took power. cruz said his father was only an early supporter of the eventual cuban dictator. governor christie has plenty of company in the race for the house. 13 republican candidates have announced they will run. four democrats are also running for president. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton leading her nearest competitor by 60 points. marriage equality is the law of the land. it is also the top issue on this morning's edition of "meet the press." joining us now for a preview is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good to see you. thanks being with us. >> ted, good morning to you. >> it was quite a week in washington. in an historic ruling the u.s. supreme court ruled same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the constitution. democrats support the decision. but what does it mean for the
7:50 am
republicans 2016 strategy? >> look, i think you the way they responded to this. the republican party nationally has been struggling with this issue for a while. they see the movement is toward embracing same-sex marriage. the majority of americans, nearly 60%. a majority of republican under the age of 40 support legalization of same-sex marriage. the party has been grappling with this. when you have a a group this large, you will see a mixture of reaction. it was clearly on the minds of ted cruz and mike huckabee. cruz called it the darkest 24 hours in american history. using harsh language to show how much they want to defy the court. then people like jeb bush and chris christie who criticized
7:51 am
the decision but essentially had the message of they september it, it's time to move on. both of those guys in many ways reflect the states they represent, new jersey and florida where this is more accepted. but also a reflection of their thinking about what they may look like in a general election. >> looking forward to discussion on that topic, chuck. also this weekend, more funerals in charleston and ever since the church massacre there, the debate over the confederate flag has moved at lightning speed. do you think that political change could become the new normal? >> i think it is going to become the new normal. this is the way millennials are shaking up the political system. if the people will lead the leaders will follow. when you see the reactions of politicians and how they're trying to catch up to the conversation on the confederate flag. this has been empowered by a
7:52 am
grassroots movement black lives matter that started after the death of trayvon martin this movement has altered the conversation on racial inequality. whether it's the bipartisan consensus that is growing on criminal justice reform issue ss to how the president talks about race. two years ago he had a different tone when he would speak about race issues. now he talks about it differently and in many ways i think it's a reaction to what is a growing powerful movement, probably best represented by this black lives matter movement. quite a change chuck todd. thank you very much. >> you got it. >> again, marriage equality will top today's edition of "meet the press." join chuck and his guests force the discussion, this morning at 10:30 on nbc 10.
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check it out. this is the world's ugliest dog. it's nothing personal. just the title won by this 10-year-old pit bull dutch shepherd mix. that's this year's ugliest dog contest in california. the mutt's name, quasimodo. she was born with a spinal birth defect that left her hunch backed, hence the name. she beat out 25 other dogs for the title and got $1500 for the top prize.
7:56 am
congrats to her. >> so cute. >> she still has a good look. not quite as ugly out there as it was when we came on at 5:30. >> things are improving. we have a mix of sun and clouds which will be nice verses what we dealt with yesterday. much of the rain is gone. a few lingering sprinkles as you head throughout the day. light rainfall not widespread just spotty. as we head into monday things clear up nicely. a nice start to the work week. highs around the area today, 68 for the poconos. 77 in allentown. 76 in quakertown. 79 in trenton. close to 80 degrees in mt. holly. 80s along the shore. 81 in philadelphia. your forecast today, temperatures ranging between 78 and 81. breezy conditions expected.
7:57 am
wind speeds out of the southwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour. citizens bank park in the background there, the phillies have a doubleheader because they were rained out yesterday. the seven-day forecast shows another chance of storms by tuesday. temperatures climb close to 90 degrees. happening now, the 11th annual tri rock philadelphia triathlon is in full swing at fairmount park. it started at 6:30 this morning. the olympic style race involves a one mile swim in the schuylkill river, a 25 mile bike challenge and a six-mile run. money raised will go to children's hospital of philadelphia and pediatric cancer research. weather will be improving as that event goes on. thank you very much for being with us. i'm ted greenberg. brittney and i will be back at 9:00. the "today" show is next. have a great sunday.
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breaking overnight a horrific fire at the water park in taiwan. urn itting an evening of fun into sheer panic. at least 500 are injured. many of them seriously. we'll have the latest. surrounded? authorities in upstate new york believe they have convicted killer david sweat cornered this morning. >> we'll search the perimeter hard. a 22-square mile area being scoured for any sign of the suspicious killer. as we learn more how police tracked down his accomplice. terror in the water, beach goers on high alert after another shark attack off


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